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Pirate Radio - Quick Start

Quick Start

System Requirements

Broadcaster Discussion Forum

Knowledge Base

Adjusting Connection Settings

Configuring Your Router

Broadcasting with a playlist

Broadcasting with a live input

Providing station information

Monitoring Listener Activity

Using Webstream

Linking your station on your web page


  1. Purchase and install the Pirate Radio Broadcaster version (*Windows O/S)

  2. Connect to the Internet! (You must have an Internet accessible Internet Protocol (IP) address - If you are on a LAN or Proxy network or behind a firewall, click here for more information).

  3. Adjust your station information; name, genre and other options.

  4. Grab some music! Select some audio files for your playlist or simply plug your audio source into the Line In on your sound card. Drag and drop files onto the playlist window for quick assembly.

  5. Click the big "Begin" button.

  6. Enjoy! the extravagant lifestyle of a radio station owner!







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