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Issue: I have used Paypal or credit card to purchase Pirate Radio through the online form and my payment was taken. However, I have not received a download link by email. When should I receive this?

Answer: You must allow 2-3 business days for Paypal purchases (more if you ordered before a weekend or holiday) or immediately if you ordered with credit card before your order is processed and an email sent. If more than a week has passed, then likely there was a problem with your order or with the email address you inputted in the order form. If this is the case, please contact us through the Help Desk. Make sure that you provide all of your original contact information that you used at the time of your purchase.

Answer2: Please ensure that you do not have Spam or email blocking software that is blocking emails sent from our server at @dsny.com or @dice.net. If you are blocking these emails, then the email (or any email from us) will not get through to your email account.

If you do not know how to unblock this (or you suspect that your Internet Service Provider is blocking it) you can still contact us by registering with the Help Desk. Then you can log in to view our responses through your Help Desk account. We can then arrange another method to provide you with the software.

Issue: I have ordered Pirate Radio and have yet to receive the CD.

Answer: There are no longer any CDs in stock and we will no longer be offering physical CDs. In any case, the downloaded software is many versions newer than what was originally stored in the CD.

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