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Pirate Radio - Track Listener Activity

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Pirate Radio allows you to easily track your listener activity in a graphic chart form, by IP address, and in a standard web server log format.

List of Individual listeners
Click on the yellow Listeners button in the main interface to call up your Listener monitor.

The first screen (white background) displays the unique IDs of each listener who is currently connected to your station. The ID information displayed is the individual IP of the listener. In this way you can see if you have regulars who keep on connecting to your station.

The listener display can be 'torn away' and adjusted by sizing. (click on the edge and drag to the desired size. In the unlikely event that you want to boot someone from your station you can click on their ID and then click on the Disconnect button at the bottom of the window.

Listener graphs
Along the bottom of the window are three buttons that bring up graphs showing listener activity over a period of 1 Day, 10 Days or Total time since you began broadcasting. When you click either of the buttons it will show you a line graph showing spikes of activity. These lines are separated into a green, blue and red line.

green RD3 stream (default)
blue Streaming MP3 (currently unavailable)
red webstream (playerless Java Clipstreaming)

By looking at this you can see how most of your listeners are accessing your station.

Tip: If the spikes in your graphs aren't distinct (too low to be seen) this is due to the number of maximum listeners you have allowed for in your Broadcast Settings. The graph is setting the range according to how many you think you may be receiving at a time. If you have it set to 100 maximum listeners, the graph range will be very high but if you only get 1 listener, it will show up as a mere pixel on the graph screen. To change this, go to the Settings -> Connection Settings screen and adjust your maximum listeners to a more realistic number. It is important to set the maximum # to something that your bandwidth can support.

Listener Log
At the bottom right of the listener window, you will find a LOG button. This is a direct link to your listener logs, written in a standard web log format. Access these text files through this button.

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