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Pirate Radio - Line in Broadcasting

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  • Connect the Live Source to your Computer
    Plug an audio device into the input of your sound card. This can be a stereo component, mixer, microphone, etc.

      Be careful while Broadcasting with Line-in... if you are monitoring your own broadcast or listening to something else at the same time, it could be picked up by your sound card and re-broadcast, causing an echo for the listener. The sound card's recording properties must be properly configured.

  • Enable Line-In function in Mixer window
    From the main interface of Pirate Radio, go to the yellow button at the bottom of the screen that says "Mixer". Click on it to open up the Mixer window.

    The Mixer menu has a series of buttons. Find the one that says "Line In" (top right) and click on it. The button should turn red and look like it is pressed in. Now the Broadcaster will recognize line input (input from any sound device such as a microphone or stereo deck that is hooked into your PC's sound card).

  • Make sure volume for Line In is high enough
    The volume can be set with the vertical sliders on the mixer as well as with the pre-set buttons. The volume coming into your computer may also need to be adjusted. The vertical Volume Indicator will act as a general guide. Watch for clipping with the Pirate Radio's graphic indicator!

  • Ensure fader allows for Line In
    There is a horizontal slider at the bottom of the Mixer window which controls how much of the output of your broadcast is made up of the Live or Playlist levels. Using this slider you can, for example, decide how much your microphone overrides a song being played from the playlist when you want to talk over a portion of a song. If the slider is placed all the way to the left, it means that all of the output will be devoted to the Playlist and none of your line input will be heard.

  • Hit Begin in main interface
    Click the big "Begin" button and once the Broadcaster has connected you will be live on the air.

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