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Pirate Radio Support

Pirate Radio is extremely easy to use but occasionally a little help getting started may be required. In this section there are help pages and a Knowledge Base to help you get your station running without a glitch. Unfortunately, there is NO PHONE SUPPORT for Pirate Radio. For assistance, please visit the peer-to-peer Support Forums and consult the Knowledge Base, the existing documentation, and the help pages.

Connection Problems
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Trouble connecting with your IP address?
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Broadcasting Behind a router?
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Find some answers in the Pirate Radio Knowledge Base. GO-- >>

Enter Pirate Radio Peer Support Forums. GO-->>

Contact Destiny support for direct Email Assistance at the help desk. GO-->>

Pirate Radio manual (.PDF) GO-->>

Please note: Although routers, proxies, firewalls, and other similar devices will function well with Pirate Radio, they cannot be officially supported. Some configuration might be required to allow access to your station. Please consult your owner's manual and/or tech support for configuring your hardware. If assistance is still required try the support forum or help desk linked above.








Quick Start

System Requirements

Broadcaster Discussion Forum

Knowledge Base

Adjusting Connection Settings

Configuring Your Router

Broadcasting with a playlist

Broadcasting with a live input

Providing station information

Monitoring Listener Activity

Using Webstream

Linking your station on your web page