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The Pirate Radio Broadcaster has to know the broadcasting computer's true IP (Internet protocol) address so listeners can connect to the broadcast. By providing this information you are allowing a valid path to your station on the station directory list. This page attempts to display your true IP address.

The detected IP address is:

Cut and paste this number into your Broadcaster settings. Access the connection settings as shown below. If you continue to have trouble, try checking your IP address in DOS.

1. Click the settings button.

2. Select Connection Settings. Click on Change.

3. Check the IP Address box under 'Connection' and then paste the IP address displayed above into the field next to it. The port may also need to be adjusted as necessary, in the event that streaming through port 80 is not available.

Check you IP address manually

Win 95/98 Operating Systems
• Click on the Start menu
• Select "Run"
• Type "winipcfg". Click"OK"

Win NT, 2000, XP Operating Systems
• Click on the Start menu
• Select "Run"
• Type "cmd". Click"OK"
• Type "ipconfig"

If you have a static IP address, it will only need to be entered into the broadcaster once. If your IP address is dynamic, as many ISPs grant a new IP address from their available 'pool', you may need to check this each time you connect to the Internet.

If you are using a router, firewall, and/or have networked your computer in some way, be sure that your valid Internet accessible IP address in entered into the broadcaster.
Visit the broadcaster discussion forum for tips on configuring a router.
Visit this page for more on LANs.

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