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About Pirate Radio

Pirate Radio is the easiest way to broadcast any kind of radio show over the Internet from your personal PC. All you need is a Windows-based PC, sound card and a connection to the Internet and something to blast out to reach listeners all over the Internet.
Anyone can be broadcasting within minutes

The RadioDestiny Broadcaster allows you to play any combination of live input and digital audio over the Internet in a few easy steps. Broadcast MP3s, .wavs; hook up your microphone and mix between the sources.

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The Destiny Media Player plays all popular audio file formats and connects listeners to the Pirate Radio Network, a directory of broadcasters just like you.

Destiny Media Player's easy-to-use and powerful interface allows you to organize and arrange all your digital audio files into playlists, libraries - all easily accessible from anywhere on your computer.

A familiar interface

Connecting to the Pirate Radio Network is easy. Just click on the radio button and scan through categories of stations broadcasting right now.

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